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Compare car insurance: How much can you get?

The price of car insurance varies depending on the type of car and its mileage, the car’s age, and whether it is insured by a company that provides auto insurance directly to consumers.Depending on the company and the location of your home, your insurer might pay more, or less.To help you decide, we asked experts […]

How to Get the Best Insurance coverage for yourself and your family

Auto insurance quotes are changing.The average price for the first six months of 2018 was $2,979, while the average price after six months was $4,095.For the first year of the Trump administration, the average was $5,878.Now, the rate has dropped to $3,995.“The Trump administration is changing the insurance landscape,” said David Stapleton, senior vice president […]

Why mercury, farmers, and mercury poisoning may be linked

A new study finds that farmers in Washington, D.C., are more likely to have mercury poisoning than people in other states.The study, by the University of Washington and the Washington State Department of Health, found that the rate of mercury poisoning in Washington farmers was four times higher than in neighboring Washington state.That’s likely because […]

Cheap renters insurance offers a rare glimpse into the Obamacare marketplace

Insurers are offering cheap coverage for people who rent out their homes.But how can consumers be sure they’ll get the coverage they need when they buy?Insurers say they’ll give out more information about their plans to help consumers better understand how much they’re paying and what they’ll pay out in premiums.Insurers also are offering a […]

Australian Financial Report: Labor’s $2 billion surplus is a ‘false flag’ for the Abbott government

The Labor Party’s $1.9 billion surplus in the current financial year is a “false flag” for the Coalition’s “big spend, big spend” economic policies, the ABC’s AM program has found.The ABC’s David Chipperfield said it was not just the party’s own spending but also the Coalition government’s “massive debt”.“This is just a very misleading surplus […]

The US Auto Insurance Companies’ latest deal: How to get an extra $150 per year on your insurance policy

By James MartinThe US auto insurance industry is set to get a big boost in terms of premium subsidies this year as the Trump administration tries to boost consumer confidence by promoting the idea of a “shared responsibility” approach to car insurance. But one thing that is not expected to be part of the deal is […]

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