How to get the best health insurance from Kentucky: ‘A little bit of luck’

In Kentucky, one of the states most expensive to insure, the average family will have to pay nearly $4,000 a year to cover the health care costs of their families.The state’s average health insurance rate is currently about $4.13 a day.The average cost of a policy in the state is about $1,000, according to the […]

When you’re covered, what does it mean to be covered under the Affordable Care Act?

A new federal law that would allow people to buy insurance through state exchanges has raised the spectre of another insurance disaster.On Monday, the Senate Finance Committee will hold a hearing on the Affordable Health Care Act. It’s part of a broad debate on the health care law, with some Republicans calling for the repeal of […]

‘Insurance gap’ is a new normal

The American Medical Association estimates that about $1.2 trillion is currently unsecured.This is about as much as most people will ever need.In the last year, insurers have cut premiums by $100 billion or more in a span of just a few months, as the U.S. economy has recovered and medical costs have risen.But in the […]

Farm Bureau workers compensation insurers are taking advantage of a change in state law to raise premiums

Farmers and ranchers in Washington state are being asked to pay more for workers compensation insurance to cover the cost of the agency’s workers compensation coverage, which is expected to cost an estimated $20 million per year by 2020.The Washington State Farm Bureau is in the midst of negotiating with state and local officials about […]

Why are the insurance companies making mortgage insurance less affordable?

New York Times article New Jersey Gov.Chris Christie (R) is proposing a new law that would allow homeowners insurance companies to exclude any insurance company that offers a “subsidy for home repairs.”That would affect up to 50 percent of all insurance premiums for people buying homes.The Republican governor is one of several states to have […]

Which insurers are offering the best rates in the market for people who need it?

By Ryan LizzaApril 12, 2018 3:00pmPresident Donald Trump is looking to slash insurer spending as the nation struggles with soaring health care costs and an influx of patients to primary care clinics and hospitals.The White House’s budget blueprint unveiled last week proposes a $1 trillion cut to Medicaid and other health care programs that serve […]

Health insurance companies have begun to pay doctors and hospitals in New Jersey more than in New York

Health insurance providers and hospitals are beginning to pay some of their employees in New Mexico a larger share of health insurance premiums than they are in New England, according to an analysis by The Associated Press.The AP examined a wide range of health care data and found that the companies pay about a third […]

Alliance insurance florsida, health insurance floria to be sold by 2025

Alliance Insurance Company has announced plans to sell its Florida-based home insurance business by 2025.The company said in a statement on Wednesday that it will sell the Florida-registered company to a new buyer in the first quarter of 2020.The move comes after the company announced in August it was exiting Florida.It said it would be […]

How Cigna is saving your money by buying insurance on the internet

By James Smith”Insurance is a form of insurance, and it is used for many things, not least to make sure that your assets aren’t wiped out by an accident or disease.”But it is also used for a host of other things that don’t always apply to everyday life.“For example, if you are a young person […]

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