Man who killed wife says he killed her because she ‘wasn’t wearing pants’

A man who killed his wife and tried to cover up his actions by wearing a pair of pants and a shirt under his shirt was found guilty Friday of first-degree murder in the death of her.

The trial lasted about two weeks and concluded with jurors finding Jonathan Taylor, 36, guilty of first degree murder in her death in March of 2016.

The jury began deliberating Thursday and had just completed its work when they returned their verdict.

On Thursday, Taylor and his wife, Taryn, had testified for about two hours about the events that took place in the couple’s apartment in the early morning hours of March 12, 2016.

Taylor had allegedly been drinking and texting on the phone while Taryn slept and she became angry when he didn’t respond to her texts.

According to the jury’s report, Taylor allegedly asked Taryn to move out of the apartment.

When she didn’t comply, he allegedly punched her and tried unsuccessfully to tie her up.

He then allegedly grabbed a hammer and went inside the apartment to get a gun.

Taryn testified that she screamed for help but Taylor allegedly responded, “Shut up and die,” according to NBC affiliate WUSA.

She then got a second knife and tried kicking him out of her apartment, but he pulled her to safety.

After the shooting, the jury heard testimony from a medical examiner and forensic investigators who concluded that Taylor had killed Taryn because he didn´t want to die.

A medical examiner testified that Taryn was shot four times.

He testified that Taylor did not use a firearm and that the gun was not pointed at Taryn or anyone else.

Taylor’s attorney, Thomas Toney, said in a statement after the verdict that the verdict shows that a jury can look at a case and come to the same conclusion as a judge.

“We are grateful to the hard work of the jury,” Toney said.

“They saw through a sham and found a criminal who acted in self-defense.

Jonathan Taylor was innocent of this heinous crime and deserves justice.”

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