Mississippi lawmakers consider bill to replace Medicaid with state health insurance

A Mississippi lawmaker is proposing to replace the state’s Medicaid program with a state-run health insurance plan.

The proposal would eliminate the federal Medicaid expansion and the state-based program for children and disabled adults.

It would also require employers to offer health insurance for workers. 

Cobra Health Insurance, an affiliate of the state of Kansas, announced last month that it had filed a lawsuit against the federal government over the Affordable Care Act.

The state has already begun expanding Medicaid under the ACA.

The state’s plan is a major expansion of Medicaid in the state, which has the fourth-highest poverty rate in the country and the fifth-highest uninsured rate.

Mississippi is the fifth state to pass a Medicaid expansion, following North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina and Texas.

In a letter to Gov.

Phil Bryant, House Speaker David Ralston (D) said the state would not accept federal Medicaid money until the federal health care law is repealed and replaced with a new state-level system.

The governor said he would not take federal money unless Mississippi passes legislation to implement the Medicaid expansion.

He said that legislation would not come until the legislature passes an emergency spending bill.

“I have been consistent in saying that we are not going to accept any more federal money until we repeal Obamacare and get rid of the Medicaid Expansion,” Ralstone said.

“Our Medicaid Expansion is in full effect.

We have never had a state that was not covered under Medicaid.”

Ralston’s bill is a response to President Donald Trump’s promise to eliminate the Medicaid program.

In February, the president announced his intent to end the expansion, calling it “an absolute disaster.”

The federal government funds about 15 percent of Mississippi’s Medicaid budget.

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