Why are you having such a hard time getting insurance coverage?

The American Health Care Act has already had its share of detractors.

And for many, it was also a divisive issue.

The bill, which was released this week by President Donald Trump and the Republican-led Congress, would cut Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program for the poor and disabled.

It also includes sweeping tax cuts that would benefit wealthy Americans, but it would hit people in the lower and middle classes hard.

In some states, it would make insurance more expensive for low-income people.

A poll conducted last week by the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit research organization, found that 63 percent of Americans oppose the AHCA, compared with 40 percent who support it.

But for many Americans, their health care woes stem from the law’s taxes and mandates, and not from the bill’s health care provisions.

So why are people still having a hard, sometimes frustrating time getting coverage?

Many people who want to get health insurance may not know how to apply for a job or pay their medical bills, said Jessica Rosenbaum, an associate professor at Georgetown University.

That may make it easier for employers to discriminate against them, she said.

Or it could be because of the ACA’s mandate to cover the uninsured.

People are concerned that insurers won’t be able to provide them coverage if they don’t have a job, Rosenbaum said.

In the meantime, some people are just looking for ways to pay for their care, she added.

Many insurance companies are still paying higher rates to people who have health insurance than people without it, Rosenbach said.

The law also does not require insurers to cover maternity care or preventative care, which are important for many pregnant women and women who are ill.

That means people who need care for pre-existing conditions may be at risk of being denied coverage, said Elizabeth Shults, a health policy professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

“It doesn’t really address the question of what they’re actually doing,” Shults said.

She added that the law “would be great” if it did address the need for prerequisites to coverage, like having health insurance or a job.

The AHCA also includes a few more things that might be a boon for the health insurance industry, including a requirement that insurers cover contraception, and an increase in Medicaid funding.

The ACA requires employers to cover contraceptives, and some states have extended the mandate to include insurance.

It has been a major challenge to get insurance on the open market, with some states offering plans without the coverage and others offering coverage without the mandate.

But Rosenbaum and other experts say that the Affordable Care Act is already helping.

“I don’t think we’ve seen this level of success in the market since the Reagan administration,” Rosenbaum told CNNMoney.

“We’re not seeing the same type of growth in the private market, and that’s going to be really helpful in the years ahead.”

Here’s how the AHC’s tax cuts would impact people’s lives.

For most people, the AHCC’s tax relief will be a big help.

For low- and middle-income families, the bill would provide tax relief on a $10,000 income threshold.

Those who earn $10 million or more would get an additional $3,000 in tax relief.

And the tax relief would go to families earning more than $75,000.

But that is still a relatively small portion of people’s income, as reported by the Congressional Budget Office, which found that about half of Americans earning between $40,000 and $75.000 are eligible for tax relief, or about 20 million people.

It’s also possible to get tax relief for high-income Americans who are already wealthy.

For those making more than the ACA mandate threshold, the tax cuts will be bigger, with a $12,000 threshold.

The tax cuts for high earners would be more than double the amount of the tax cut for the middle class.

The Trump administration also plans to provide tax cuts to the rich, including an additional one-time tax cut worth $250,000 for individuals making $200,000 or more.

But many people don’t pay taxes on income above $200 and the rich don’t receive tax relief from the tax system.

According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, about 20 percent of taxpayers are “underreported” in their tax returns, meaning they don, or didn’t file, federal taxes.

So, for example, a person who is not paying taxes on an income of $200 could claim a $1,000 tax credit for income above that threshold.

And some people can also claim tax breaks that are not available to all Americans.

For example, some wealthy people can claim a tax break for housing or other expenses they didn’t use.

The top tax rate for earners above $400,000 will go up from 35 percent to 39.6 percent.

People earning more money would also get a larger tax cut. And many

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