How the Supreme Court is changing the way Congress handles immigration

The Supreme Court’s new rules to deal with the growing number of foreign-born Americans coming to the country are creating a huge amount of uncertainty for Congress, which has been trying to address the issue of illegal immigration.

But one conservative legal scholar says the new rules could also open the door for Democrats to pass a law that will make it easier for the federal government to deport a foreign- born citizen who has entered the country illegally. 

“The new law will allow for the deportation of foreign nationals who have entered the United States illegally,” said Thomas Hoenig, a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago and the author of the book, “The Supreme Court Rules: How the Courts and Congress Are Changing the Way Congress Acts on Immigration.”

“This is something that I think is going to have wide-ranging impact on the political landscape,” he added.

Hoenigan, who was not involved in the new case, said the Supreme Law Court ruled in the early 1990s that the federal courts have broad authority to grant relief to illegal immigrants.

Under the new ruling, he said, the courts are “very likely to make that much stronger than they have previously made it.” 

“What we saw here was the courts not only overruling the district court,” Hoenigs said.

“The district court said that the statute was unconstitutional, and the court reversed the district judge’s decision and the government appealed to the Supreme court, and they upheld the law, and it was overruled.

So this has essentially put the court in a very strong position.”

The Supreme Law Supreme Court ruled that the 1996 Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) allows the government to remove a foreign national who has come to the United State illegally for a number of reasons, including as a result of torture, exploitation, or other crimes.

The act applies to immigrants who have arrived in the country as children, have entered without documentation, or who have violated the terms of their visas.

But it does not apply to anyone who entered the U.S. before age 16. 

On the other hand, the court said in 2000, the law did not apply only to foreign nationals coming to this country illegally as children.

It also applied to those who entered illegally while working in the U-2 spy plane program and to immigrants with a history of violent crime. 

The new ruling will require Congress to pass legislation that could make it much easier for immigration judges to deny a request for relief from deportation for a foreign immigrant who entered legally, Hoeningsaid. 

In the new legal decision, the Supreme Supreme Court said that a foreign citizen who entered lawfully under the I-5 program, a waiver that allows people who are in the United and have resided in the States for more than six months to apply for a green card, is entitled to a relief from removal under the 1996 act. 

If the foreign citizen has lived in the US for less than six years, then he or she has “the right to a judicial hearing before the district courts to determine whether the foreign national is a bona fide resident of the United

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