Dogs: What to know about dog insurance

If you’re thinking of buying a dog insurance policy, here’s what to know.

The BBC’s Dog and Cat Trusts will explain what’s covered, what happens if you lose your dog, and how to make sure your policy covers your pet’s health and safety.

The trust’s website explains: “Pets must be insured at the time of birth to ensure that they are properly cared for and maintained.

Insurance is only required if the owner is unable to pay the premiums.”

There is no statutory requirement to insure pets, and it is the responsibility of owners to keep their pet safe and secure.

“Pets can be insured for any length of time, so long as they are insured and in good health.

Insurance cover is for the dog and not for the owner, and there are no exceptions to the rules.”

What you need to know before you buy a dog or cat insurance policy A dog or cats insurance policy needs to be signed by both the owner and the insurer and be valid for the life of the policy, the trust’s guidelines state.

You’ll need to pay for the insurance and to keep the pet in good condition.

Insurance covers the cost of the pet’s medical care and vaccinations, but does not cover any damage or injury.

If the policy lapses, the insurer must return the pet to its original owner.

The insurer also has to take reasonable steps to ensure the pet is safe.

If you’ve lost your pet, the dog insurance will cover the loss of the animal.

If your pet has been euthanised, the policy will also cover the cost.

Insurance policy costs can be higher for larger pets, but it’s generally cheaper than a home insurance policy.

The policy will cover your pet for the duration of the contract, unless you cancel it, or it is no longer required.

Your pet will need to be insured before it can be put to good use.

This can be done by applying for the policy online or by sending it to the trust.

Your insurance agent can assess the cost, and you can ask for an initial payment of around £500.

If all goes well, the contract can be signed and the policy sent out.

You can check the status of your pet by emailing [email protected]

The dog and cat trust will be happy to help if you have any questions.

The charity doginsurances website offers a list of pet insurance companies.

You need to sign up for a dog and cats policy online to get an insurance quote, and can also contact the trust for an in-person quote.

You might want to ask the dog or cattery owner to check the policy before you sign up to buy.

You should be aware that the trust can get a premium out of your insurer.

The Trust’s website states: “In-person quotes will be provided by a vet, which is an independent organisation which offers its own dog and Cat policies.”

The dog insurance company has no links to the dog trust.

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