Busted: $4.8 billion in death, disability insurance fraud in California

A report from the California State Bar of California has found that at least $4 billion in claims in California are fraudulent, with more than a third of the frauds being for burial insurance.

The fraud, which began in the mid-2000s, involved insurance companies billing insurers for claims that were never paid and that were not properly investigated.

According to the California Bar Association, the fraud is so prevalent that the bar association has identified at least 40 death, medical, disability, and other claims that are “likely” fraudulent.

The report by the state’s bar, which is the largest in the nation, was released on Monday and includes an analysis of the claims for burial and life insurance, among other types of insurance.

“We have not seen this type of fraud in a long time, which really highlights the need for more transparency and more accountability,” said attorney Michael DeWitt.

“These fraudulent claims have the potential to seriously damage the health and lives of Californians.”

California was the first state to introduce a statewide program for the payment of burial and other benefits, called Covered California, in 1999.

The program now covers more than 200,000 people in California.

However, the report found that more than $4 trillion in fraud has occurred over the last four decades, with some claims totaling $6.6 billion.

Many of the insurance claims are for funeral, medical and dental insurance, and most are for policies that cover burial or funeral expenses, according to the report.

Insurance fraud in general, including fraud involving funeral or burial insurance, was a major problem in California for the past decade.

In 2016, there were over 1,300 claims in the state of California for claims of death and disability insurance.

Many were fraudulent and were paid out of the funds collected from death benefits, according the report, which found that nearly half of the fraudulent claims were for burial, and about 25 percent were for other types.

The state bar association estimates that more people than any other state in the country are killed in car crashes or suffer a disability in the US each year.

While the state bar is working to improve the reporting of fraud claims, the bar’s report highlights that the state has not done enough to address the fraud problem, DeWatt said.

“The lack of transparency is a real problem,” DeWett said.

The California Bar is a nonprofit organization with a mission to protect the public interest, to improve public health and safety, and to promote the integrity of California’s legal system.

The Bar is also the state law enforcement agency that investigates and prosecutes serious criminal cases involving the use of fraudulent business practices.

In a statement, the California Department of Insurance and Insurance Regulatory Enforcement said the state continues to aggressively combat fraud and abuse in the insurance marketplace.

“California continues to develop and improve policies that are designed to provide adequate coverage for individuals, families and communities.

The department is working with our partners at the state and federal level to provide them the tools they need to combat fraud in the industry,” the statement said.

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