When Adriana was a child, her mother was raped

Adrianna was 9 when her mother, Luz, raped her.

Now, she is 25, and she is determined to tell her story.

“I was really traumatized,” she said.

“I was in school, and I was scared of school, afraid of the police.

I thought that if I went to school and didn’t talk about it, that I would get expelled, or that they would do something to me.”

The rape happened in November 2013, but Adriann has a hard time explaining what happened to her.

“My mom didn’t hurt me, she just took it,” she recalled.

Luz and Adrian’s father were charged with the crime, but were acquitted.

Adri and her siblings have since moved to another state, and Adria is still living with her mother’s ex-husband.

“At that time, I didn’t know who to trust, I was confused.

I didn’ understand what had happened,” she told me.

“She was a horrible woman, and my mother was a terrible woman.

And now, I’m the one who’s going to have to explain to the world that my mother didn’t do anything.”

Luz is in jail, and his sentence is up to 40 years.

She still lives with her ex- husband.

“Luz came back to the United States, and we have a lot of problems with our deportation,” Adrianas mother said.

“And she is staying with us, so we can’t get deported,” Adria said.

Luz and his wife are now working in an office in a small Mexican city.

He’s now working as a cleaner, and he still has the memory of his rape.

“Luz took advantage of me, and that’s what he did to me,” Adrianana said.

In December of 2014, Luzon’s lawyer filed an appeal against his conviction, and the state of New Mexico granted a stay of deportation.

But Adrians lawyers have asked the appeals court to stay the deportation order pending a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Luzon is appealing the decision.

“It’s not fair that my mom and my sister, my siblings, can be here and they’re going to live in the United [States],” Adriani said.

Luzac has also asked the federal government to help him.

“It’s just like if my mom had raped me, my brother would have been raped,” Adric said.

Adriana has been in and out of mental hospitals in Mexico for her own safety.

She was once sent to a mental hospital in Mexico City.

LuZ’s lawyers say that Luz is not a danger to the public.

“He has been the kind of person that I trust,” Luzac said.

The family of Adriancia Luz. 

“We’re not asking for help, we’re asking for justice,” Adriean told me in an interview.

“We’re asking that she be granted a fair trial.

Adrianna’s mother said that Luzon was never charged with a crime. “

This is about our children, our daughters, and our mothers, and not about a criminal case.”

Adrianna’s mother said that Luzon was never charged with a crime.

“His family has no criminal history,” Luz’s mother, Adrianda, told me, adding that she didn’t even know Luz when she was his age.

“But he was a victim, he was an abused child, and they tried to protect him, and it’s unfair that the courts didn’t give him a fair shot.”

Adrianana, Adric and Luz are currently in an immigration detention facility in New York, awaiting trial.

Adria and Luzon will be deported back to Mexico when the appeal is complete.

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