How to protect yourself against the ‘Trumpcare’ threat

The new president’s new health care plan is the biggest insurance debacle of the Trump era.

The Senate will be forced to vote on the bill in mid-March.

It would gut health insurance protections for tens of millions of Americans and force many to pay a much higher premium than the ACA required.

A CBO score shows that premiums for the new plan would increase by an average of nearly 8 percent for the poorest and 2.5 percent for middle-income people.

It also would cause millions of people to lose their coverage.

A bill that passed the House in January would have expanded health coverage for millions of low-income Americans.

But the GOP plan is being pushed by Republicans as a way to make health insurance cheaper and to get the health care system back on track.

The bill is being touted as a solution to the health crisis, not as a threat.

But it’s a far cry from the previous administration’s efforts.

Under the Affordable Care Act, millions of uninsured Americans had access to coverage, while the government paid the bills.

This past fall, Trump promised to restore that insurance.

But now the Senate is considering legislation that would gut that guarantee, leaving millions of families without coverage.

The legislation will require people to purchase a separate plan.

It doesn’t include subsidies to help low- and middle-class families purchase insurance.

And it would end Medicare as we know it, the country’s health insurance program for seniors and people with disabilities.

A lot of these changes are coming on top of what the Trump administration and its allies have promised during the campaign.

That includes a promise that the new health bill would give states more control over how the federal government pays for health care, which the administration has argued is necessary to stabilize the insurance market.

The White House has also pledged to slash taxes on the rich and corporations, which would benefit a small number of wealthy individuals and corporations.

Trump’s campaign promises were met with resistance from his own party.

The president’s health plan, the Affordable Choice Act, would repeal most of Obamacare.

It’s designed to lower the number of uninsured by making coverage more affordable, but the administration says it will still leave millions of the country with few health insurance options.

That means more than 10 million people would lose insurance coverage, and many more would face premium hikes.

The law requires people to buy health insurance on their own, and it allows insurers to charge sick people higher premiums, and would also limit Medicaid expansion.

Under its current plan, millions more Americans would lose their health insurance, while more than 700,000 people would have to pay more to stay on their plans.

Those are the numbers from the Congressional Budget Office.

We’ve reached out to Health and Human Services for more information about this bill.

You can follow all of the coverage of the health debate at our coverage hub.

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