How to claim a cover under American Strategic Insurance (ATSI)

The American Strategic insurance program offers a low-cost health plan that covers a wide range of health care services.With the health insurance, people can access the medical care they need without worrying about financial hardship.But when you file a claim under the ATSI, you can get some extra protection.Here are the ways you can claim […]

When the state says it wants to save lives, the cost is real

The Queensland government says it is saving lives by paying for health insurance for everyone, regardless of their ability to pay.The Queensland Health Insurance Scheme (QHIS) is one of the biggest health programs in the country and provides coverage to people aged between 21 and 64.It has long been controversial.It was criticised for a system […]

How to get life insurance coverage in Cincinnati

Insurance companies often need to provide coverage for your pet or for your home, and they don’t have to worry about your home being insured or your pet getting the coverage.But it can be tricky to find out whether or not you’re covered by your pet’s life insurance policy.Read more here.

Which motorcycle insurance policies are best for you?

A new survey finds that while most motorcycle insurance is good, it’s not always the best way to buy a motorcycle.In fact, many insurers are making their policies more expensive to the point that many consumers are not paying their premiums, the Associated Press reports.That’s according to a survey by the Insurance Information Institute, which […]

Why you should not use an auto insurance claim for a car accident

If you have a car insurance claim that you need to settle, you might be better off with a lawsuit.According to a recent report from insurance firm AARP, the average cost of a car collision insurance claim in the United States is $3,100.But you can actually get an insurance claim cheaper with a legal procedure, […]

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